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Financial and Commercial Exchange

Providing a highly qualified service, Abrão Filho masters the business and commercial exchange operations.

Specialized Financial Exchange

Be sure about the exchange classification of your remittance, as well as the tax and fiscal compliance and recordable and declaratory liabilities.

Niche Exchange Service

The financial exchange operations require special attention, considering the range of possible commitments and the number of classifications established by the regulations of the Brazilian Central Bank.

The analysis for conciliation of the classifications required by BACEN and the purpose of exchange contracting party, whether an investment or payment, generates tax consequences and different base and adjustment rates.

Some financial operations still have registration reflections with BACEN, whether consenting or resulting from contracting and/or exchange settlements.

Also, the migrations of investment, renegotiation, assumption, assignment, and alignment of receivables and liabilities nature are included by the exchange support of Abrão Filho.



Commercial Exchange

The operations for exchange contracting as payment or tangible receivables, in other words, goods in the scope of foreign trade, are handled in a specialized way by Abrão Filho, particularly concerning the understanding of the stage of merchandise shipping and the control of document balance that support the exchange contracts.

Abrão Filho also acts in structured operations, such as conversions and the alignment of receivables and payables between intercompany and non-company businesses through symbolic and simultaneous exchange contracting.